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The San Francisco Ghost Hunt visits San Francisco’s most notorious historic haunted places and YOU MEET REAL GHOSTS FROM WILD AND ROMANTIC TIMES GONE BY! You hear thrilling ghost stories based on documented research, touch eerie haunted artifacts, frequently feel a fearful chill, get ghosts caught in photographs, and many other ways experience spirits at enchanting haunted mansions. Something unexplainable happens on almost every Ghost Hunt. You may simply be enraptured by the neighborhood history, the metaphysical mystery and overflow of good natured entertainment. You will enjoy nearly three hours of guaranteed unearthly FUN! We walk for a mile in a safe quiet neighborhood on tree lined streets with fine Victorian architecture. There is one moderate hill, the views are spectacular and the pace is easy. Departing year around, rain or starshine, from the front of the beautiful Queen Anne Hotel, 1590 Sutter Street, corner of Sutter and Octavia, five nights a week at 7:00pm, closed only Mondays andTuesdays. $20 per person, kids under 16 $10. Cash and traveler's checks only, please. (Not recommended for kids under 8.)




(We take care of everything

at 7:00 pm in the hotel.)

Now I don't think the supernatural is scary at all, but that's me.  I don't do anything to scare people on the Ghost Hunt.  I present the facts we have about ghosts and do some things to encourage everyone have a real supernatural experience.  In fact I give a brief "blessing" to protect everyone from bad ghosts.

I have had guests experience things on a few tours that caused them to rethink the afterlife.  I have had a guest or two (very very very rarely) go screaming into the night.  But I didn’t do anything to scare them, nor will I ever do anything to scare people on the Ghost Hunt.  Scary has nothing to do with the Ghost Hunt; it isn't meant to be scary.  I don't think that ghosts are scary at all, but living people can really scare me.  The Ghost Hunt has absolutely no actors jumping out yelling "Boo!".  If anyone scares you, it's them, not me, who's behind it.

I want everyone on a Ghost Hunt to have a real supernatural experience in a safe way.  I emphasize that the San Francisco Ghost Hunt is designed for guests to meet real ghosts, and it really works.  I just present the facts we have about ghosts and set up situations where an encounter can occur.  I do everything I can to protect everyone from bad ghosts.  If everyone keeps their mind open and all of their senses aware quite often something paranormal happens that they can perceive.  And that happens almost on every Ghost Hunt.

Your Ghost Hunt will be safe, supernaturally speaking.  Living people, however, can really scare us. 

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